Propolis are harvested from plant buds and plant flower resins. The widespread healing effect of Propolis is mainly due to its antibacterial activity.

In folk medicine, propolis is heated and smeared on linen cloth, also propolis blankets from hive can be used to treat sores, long-lasting wounds and burns, and on joint and nerve pain. It is recommended to put overnight, knit or woolen cloth wrapped around the fabric.

Propolis use in medicine:

▪ propolis ointments based on white or yellow petroleum jelly, lanolin, animal fat or vegetable oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, etc.);

▪ various concentrations of propolis extracts in aqueous and alcoholic solutions;

▪ propolis paste;

▪ Propolis emulsions: Propolis is dissolved in 96 ° alcohol and water or milk is added.

▪ propolis patches (used to treat skin conditions);

▪ Crushed propolis is used for inhalation as well as biological dressings.

▪ chewing gum, candy-used more in dentistry.

Ointment (paste). The propolis is purged of impurities in a pier. Put vaseline in an enamel container and heat to 45 ° C, then add crushed propolis and

stir until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Filter through double folded gauze and the ointment is ready for external use.

Propolis alcohol solution is prepared in various concentrations, more often 20-40%. Pour 100 g of crushed propolis into 500 ml of 96 ° alcohol and shake for 30 minutes. Store in a dark place. The liquid should be shaken from time to time. After 2-5 days, filter through gauze. Can be stored for many years. It serves as a base preparation for the making of other propolis products.

Many doctors are convinced that propolis preparations are the only one that can cure a runny nose, which is usually very difficult to treat. As soon as the first symptoms of rhinitis appear, nasal passages should be lubricated twice or three times daily with 20% propolis in oil or ointment. The runny nose disappears in a few days. If propolis is started when increased secretion has already begun, the effect is significantly reduced.

Propolis tablets can also be sucked in cases of ear, throat and nasal inflammation.

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