Bee wax

Waxes for bees are made by special wax glands located on the underside of the abdomen.

The melting point of the wax is 69-72 ° C.

Propolis and some types of pollen give color to waxes. Waxes can be yellow, white, red and even black.

In medicine, waxes are useful as a base for many pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations - various creams, patches and ointments. Wax is also a part of healing candles.

Facial cosmetics:

▪ Face Cleansing Cream: 6 g wax, 0.5 g borax, 27.5 g peach oil, 16.0 g water

▪ Nourishing Cream: 5 g wax, 6 g spermaceti, 24 g peach oil, 4 g glycerin

▪ Cream for oily skin: 5 g olfactory alcohol, 5 g wax, 7.5 g water

▪ Nourishing mask: 5 g wax, 70 g honey, 1 white lily onion juice

▪ Astringent mask: 10 g wax, 10 peach oil, 10 g lanolin, 50 g petroleum jelly, 0.5 g zinc sulfate, 1 g bismuth nitrate, 8 g zinc oxide

▪ Anti-Wrinkle Mask: 30 g white wax, 30 g honey, 30 g onion juice, 30 g white lily onion juice

2.50 EUR/100gr