Cellular honey

When the bee fills the cells with honey, she closes them with a wax cap. Northern subspecies bees have a different style of closure than Southern subspecies. In Northern bees, the cell cap is curved outwards, leaving a small amount of air between the honey and the cap, making the cap look white. For southern subspecies bees, the lid is directly on the honey and therefore the lid looks dark.

In folk healing, cellular honey has been given greater healing value than shed or drained honey. Cellular honey strengthens and cleans teeth.

Honey Wax Candy with Honey (Honey wax candy with honey cleans teeth, strengthens gums, promotes the secretion of both saliva and stomach juice and thus improves metabolic processes. Recommended to chew for 5-15 minutes, then spit the wax out or swallow it. Should not swallow more than one candy a day.)

1.00 EUR/ 100gr